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Switchroot is a group for open-source development on the Nintendo Switch, a Tegra X1-based game console with a FOSS bootstrap exploiting a low-level recovery bootloader. We maintain many projects for the Switch and are in the process of consolidating all our many guides into this Wiki. If you'd like to help work on one of our projects or even just edit this site, ask in the Switchroot Official Discord Server or Linux 4 Switch Official Discord.



We are not in need of any sponsorship at this time, but special thanks to GitBook for sponsoring our free premium plan to host this wiki!


Funding for Mariko support is complete and all currently supported releases have Mariko support! L4T Ubuntu Bionic 5.0.0 was released as of 2022/12/24, and Switchroot Android R (11) was released as of 2023/6/2, both with support for all Switch models. We thank all of those who donated to the cause.

We also accept personal donations to various contributors and Switchroot Team members:


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