Switchroot: A group for open-source development on the Nintendo Switch, a Tegra X1-based game console
L4S: Linux4Switch, a subsidiary of Switchroot.
L4T: Linux 4 Tegra, Linux kernel for Tegra devices made by Nvidia.
BSP: board source package - contains necessary libraries and binaries (in this case for running linux/android on nvidia tegra devices)
HOS: Horizon OS, Nintendo Switch original/default firmware made by Nintendo.
AMS: Atmosphere, customized firmware for the Nintendo Switch.
Hekate: Nintendo Switch's custom bootloader.
Nyx: Hekate's GUI.

Emoji Terminology

: joke for an eternal release date on all switch projects
: used when user (particularly azkali) needs to sleep
: emoji used to show CTCaer approves this message
: you pinged a user who was already present... avoid doing that