L4T Lakka Install/Update Guide

Installation guide/tutorial for L4T Lakka on Nintendo Switch

Current version: 5.0-beta12-99d4f27 (2023-10-23) Note: hekate 6.0.6 or newer MUST be used for this release.

If you need help you can ask in RetroNX Discord Server

The important parts of the guide are the First Time Installation and Update sections. You can skip the rest if you don't want extra information about the project.

Updating existing installations

If you come from a previous release and need to update.

  • Go to Main menu -> Online Updates -> Lakka updates to get the latest version and then reboot to apply it. Note: That method works since the 2023-10-23 5.0-beta12. If older, do a manually update.

  • Alternatively, get the latest version from https://nightly.builds.lakka.tv/members/gavin/lakka-v5.x-new/ manually and copy it as is in sd:/lakka/storage/.update/ folder and then boot. Warning: Do not rename the file!


  • hekate 6.0.6 or newer

  • A 2GB SD Card MINIMUM with a FAT32 partition in it.

First Time Installation

  1. Download the latest either from the version link at top or from here here.

  2. Open the .tar archive and navigate inside the folder you see that has the same name with the .tar. You will see bootloader and lakka listed.

  3. Extract these 2 folders in your sd card root.

  4. Optionally configure bootloader ini file. Info found in lakka/boot/readme_config.txt

  5. Boot via hekate -> More Configs -> Lakka


You will have better performance using the vulkan video driver in most cores.



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