Guide to install and setup Box86 on Fedora L4T


Running Linux version of Steam using box86 using chroot and install Wine. Note: Box86 uses sofware multithreaded-cpu based GPU emulation.

Parts of this guide are based on this article by rna from armbian forum

DISCLAIMER: This guide is only intended for L4T Fedora users. Ubuntu users should use the L4T Megascript to install box64 and box86.

Setting up

1. Host side

We need debootstrapto create the chroot and schroot to enter the chroot. We will also need to install virgl-test-server to have GPU acceleration.

  1. Install build dependencies

sudo dnf install --refresh -y debootstrap arch-install-scripts virglrenderer-test-server xorg-x11-server-Xephyr
  1. Create chroot directory

sudo mkdir -p /srv/chroot/debian-armhf
  1. Create the chroot using debootstrap

sudo debootstrap --include=nano,sudo,git,wget,mesa-vulkan-drivers,libglx-mesa0,libegl-mesa0,libglapi-mesa,libgl1,zenity,nginx,xterm,ca-certificates,gnupg,libnm0 --arch armhf --foreign testing /srv/chroot/debian-armhf
  1. Run debootstrap second stage

sudo chroot /srv/chroot/debian-armhf /debootstrap/debootstrap --second-stage

2. Chroot side

Now you should be able to schroot by typing

sudo arch-chroot /srv/chroot/debian-armhf
  1. Edit the chroot's default environment. You are free to set another display number (DISPLAY=) for Xephyr (starting from :2 when using Xephyr).

nano /etc/profile.d/

Append the following variables at the end of the file then save:

export LANGUAGE="C"
export LC_ALL="C"
export DISPLAY=:0
export STEAMOS=1
  1. Fix apt and install box86

apt update -y && apt -f -y install && apt upgrade -y
wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/box86.list
wget -qO- | apt-key add -
apt update && apt install -y box86
  1. Before we proceed further in chroot, we need to copy binfmt.d config from chroot to host and restart systemd-binfmt to make box86 works automaticly with bash scripts that includes i386 files.

sudo cp /srv/chroot/debian-armhf/etc/binfmt.d/box86.conf /etc/binfmt.d/box86.conf
sudo systemctl restart systemd-binfmt
  1. Create your <username> and grant it sudo privileges

sudo arch-chroot /srv/chroot/debian-armhf
echo "<username> ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL" >> /etc/sudoers
useradd -u 1000 --shell /bin/bash -rmUG sudo,video,audio,render <username>


Be sure that virgl-server is still running, then run :

sudo arch-chroot /srv/chroot/debian-armhf /bin/su - <username>
sudo apt install -y ./steam.deb
setarch -L linux32 steam -no-browser -noreactlogin -no-cef-sandbox steam://open/minigameslist

You should be able to run steam in the chroot using the following command :

setarch -L linux32 steam -no-browser -noreactlogin -no-cef-sandbox steam://open/minigameslist

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